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Figurative Works 

"My figurative paintings are inspired by photographs I take while traveling the many areas of the country in which I’ve lived and painted.  I do not use projection techniques to transfer photos on to the canvas but rely on old fashioned charcoal sketches as the basis of the future images. 

I hope to capture feelings that are evoked from these photographs, rather than try and achieve photo-realism: the feelings surrounding my work are unique to the viewer and not imposed by me."

Title:  Band of Brothers: 72 x 36, oil, 2015, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

“Band of Brothers” gives voice to the courage and love of children of the world. Children whose friendship and love gives them strength to face a landscape made bare by war and poverty.  The landscape is stark and foreboding yet conveys “hope” in the ray of light evident in the distance. 

Sold to Jill Watt & Rob Etches, Oakland, CA


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